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St John's Primary School


At St John’s Primary School, we recognise and value the importance of providing children with learning experiences which go beyond the classroom. Throughout the year, we offer an extensive range of clubs to ensure there is something for every child. Our clubs are an excellent way for children to explore new hobbies, build confidence and engage with other children across the school. To allow for us to offer a wide range of clubs, each club runs for half a term.

Autumn Term A: Tuesday 6th September - Friday 21st October

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 Autumn Term B: Monday 31st October - Friday 16th December

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 Extended Schools - Aktiva

Breakfast club (7:45am ~ 8:55am) and after school care (3:00pm ~ 6pm) are offered on site here at St John’s by Aktiva which is an Ofsted registered childcare provider. 

For further details please contact Aktiva on the details below: 

Direct Lines:

Bookings - 020 3544 6332

Human Resources - 020 3713 3163

Absences - 020 3551 8908

Mail - bookings@aktivacamps.com

Web - www.aktivacamps.com